With over 20 years involvement in ERP systems, with a focus on manufacturing, SAL has become very familiar with advanced manufacturing systems functionality.

We have chosen the systems we work with carefully and have invested substantial time and resource into them to ensure we are offering the best available functionality to our customers.

These systems are the Intuitive ERP manufacturing system from Aptean Corporation in Atlanta, USA and the Preactor production scheduling system from Preactor International in Chippenham, UK.

Intuitive ERP
ERP Manufacturing System

Intuitive ERP, an Aptean Corporation solution, is a world-leading ERP manufacturing system that provides an intuitive, flexible and complete package enterprise solution to the small to medium sized discrete manufacturer. 

The Intuitive ERP system has over 1000 customers in 20 countries and is designed for make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers. It is effectively deployed in a wide range of discrete manufacturing environments including aerospace, electronics, automotive, plastics, rubber, packaging, medical devices, industrial machinery and equipment, and metal fabrication industries. 

The system includes core financials, production planning, material requirements planning, finite capacity scheduling, shop floor control, quality control, CRM, custom reporting and business intelligence. Functions such as CTP (Capable to Promise) provide powerful capabilities. 

Typical benefits achieved by Intuitive ERP users include substantial reductions in inventory, lead times, purchase costs and substantial improvements in on-time deliveries, shipping/sales abilities.

Production Scheduling System

Preactor International is the world leader in scheduling software used by a wide range of manufacturing, services and logistics businesses. Frequently integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Preactor’s break-through technology is used by more than 4000 small, medium and large multi-national companies in 75 countries. 

The Preactor FCS/APS system is used by companies in discrete, process and mixed mode type manufacturing. It is used to model plants that involve machines, packing lines, tanks, assembly lines etc in make to order, make to stock, engineer to order, repetitive and continuous process environments. 

The Preactor system provides automatic forward, backward and bi-directional finite scheduling along with drag and drop capabilities. The real horsepower is in the APS “dispatching” rules which provide advanced schedule optimisation capabilities. 

Typical benefits achieved by Preactor users include substantial reductions inventory and work-in-progress; substantial increases in efficiency and on-time delivery performance.

Quality Management System

The uniPoint quality management system automates and manages the complete lifecycle of quality related activities and documents throughout an entire organisation.

The uniPoint system helps improve quality management by providing workflow that ensures compliance with ISO (and other) quality standards and provides visibility to track, control and continually improve the complete quality process.

The uniPoint quality management system, from uniPoint Software in Winnipeg, Canada, has over 1000 customers in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and is effectively deployed in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution environments.

The uniPoint core system includes non-conformance, corrective/preventative action, tooling & equipment management, document control, customer service, key indicators, trend analysis and requests modules. These are extended by other add-on and web based modules.

Typical benefits achieved by existing customers include substantial reductions in business costs associated with rework, returns or complaints, late deliveries, reduced service levels and lost revenue.